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With more than two decades of expertise as professional logo designers, Concept Lab Communications has been at the forefront of custom logo design and identity development for prominent clients and businesses in Singapore and the region.

We have worked on more than 100 logo design projects, complete with naming and brand taglines that achieve the intended vision of the businesses with maximum impact.

What are you looking to achieve with your business logo design?

Let Concept Lab Communications show you the possibilities with a proper branding journey.

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Professional Logo Design Services to Elevate Your Unique Business Identity to New Heights

The logo is a representation of your company’s values and brand identity. It’s the first point of visual contact for clients when it comes to brand recognition as well as future brand recall.

Your logo is the face of your unique business.

Beyond adding brand value and increasing chances of recognition, a great logo design helps your customers understand your business and the type of services your business provides.

However, at Concept Lab Communications, we prefer to take it a step further.

Our best-in-class, unique logo design services allow your brand to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

No more forgettable and messy logo designs, just classy and evergreen logo design solutions – you’re getting the real deal here.

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Intricate & Intuitive Creative Process

It’s not only about the aesthetics of a good logo. A well-designed logo is distilled from the founder’s brand values and communicates the brand persona.

It gives your brand a unique identity while aiding in fulfilling business requirements.

We believe in collaborating closely with you during our logo design process, creating positive brand impact with trendy yet timeless logo design solutions that value add.

We experiment with multiple initial design mock ups before deriving the ideal solution to ensure you are satisfied.

Our attention to detail in the crafting process makes a commercial difference.


Multi-industry Expert Logo Designers

Concept Lab Communications has cemented itself as a premium logo designer in Singapore due to our acute sense of business relevance – now and in the future.

We’ve helped businesses in various industries ranging from F&B to medical to Fintech and across business models, be it startups, local SMEs or multinational corporations and listed companies, with our timeless and sophisticated custom logo design services.

Stand out amongst your peers with a truly amazing logo design.


Unbeatable Track Record

We’ve garnered priceless experience over two decades with hundreds of corporates and SME clients in their branding and design projects.

Your logo design deliverables are accessible in various common formats, ensuring that you can utilise your logo design across multiple platforms and marketing materials without compromising on quality.

Beyond just logo design, many of our clients have worked with us for a full brand rollout across all brand touchpoints.


Maximising brand impact with trendy logo design solutions

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Science-backed skincare summed up in an effective logo

It was a story of an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan at an unbelievably good value.

Calecim already had a brilliant product – a stemcells-based skincare series. We just had to re-brand and re-package it to reflect its amazing worth. We crafted a clean, minimalistic brand identity for Calecim to reflect a medical, professional, effective and efficient personality.

The result? Timeless design solutions that are contemporary and attractive to markets both the local and international, in B2C retail and B2B professional sectors.

A brand of trusted authority in the field of its own.


Simple & straightforward natal skincare as safe as a mother’s hug

CWTCH approached us just a couple of months away from launch with the need to amend the brand’s existing logo design.

The goal was for a little more elegance to take the logo to a place that complements CWTCH’s luxurious and reasurring yet cutting-edge and accessible appeal.

CWTCH aims to be super-luxe AND accessible – with no discrimination, exclusion or ‘inner circle’ rubbish – making it appealing to parents everywhere.

For this reason, we did some minor amendments to make it softer, more sophisticated, and a little more appealing to a global audience from all walks of life while emphasising the brand’s values of transparency, truthfulness and trustworthiness.

Sea Story

A story of sustainability sealed in a logo design

A brand is only as captivating as the story that lies behind it.

Behind the name is a modern tale of sustainable sourcing, responsible food choices and a lifelong commitment to environmentally-friendly practices that will continue living in stories to be told to the future generations.

We designed the brandmark with a modern and minimalistic approach in mind, aligning with Sea Story’s underlying brand philosophy.

The three azure blue curves were inspired by the ocean waves which symbolise continuity in dynamics and also a nod to mankind’s interdependency; a reminder that what we do today will make a deep and direct impact in the future.


Cultivating classic Western warmth into one of Singapore’s most recognisable logos

Concept Lab and Astons began our delicious journey of discovery in brand creation and brand building more than 17 years ago.

Given the years of trust, Astons Group entrusted us to assist with the creation and nationwide launch of the Andes Ready to Eat meals through 7-eleven convenience stores in Singapore.

With the already strong branding of Andes, the logo and packaging design was kept clean and stylish. The black background makes the premium “Andes Ready to Eat” logo come to life on the shelves.

This truly makes the product stand out amongst the other choices and simply calls out ‘Pick me! Pick me!’ to customers to grab one and try it.