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Product packaging is your client’s first point of contact with your product and so plays a critical role in defining
the product experience associated with your company.

Whether for aesthetic or functional reasons, packaging design significantly impacts customers’ perceptions and
purchasing decisions, from food to consumer electronics.

Ironically, while we say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, the truth is people do intuitively judge a product based on how it looks. As such, your product packaging is the key visual expression of your brand, advertising the features of your goods.

Your packaging is your final and greatest chance to sell something.

Concept Lab goes the extra mile to support our clients, setting you apart from your competition with a unique
packaging design that has a big impact on retail shelves.

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Goodsphere Packaging
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Capital and Orange Box Packaging
Capital and Orange Box Packaging
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Helping Ambitious Brands Succeed with Actionable Food Packaging Design that Inspires

Professionally Customised Packaging Design Services that Reflect and Support Your Brand Identity

Collaborative Packaging
Design Process

Before the creative process of your packaging can begin, we focus on your business requirements and market research to ensure strategic brand development.

What do you want your packaging design project to achieve?

From the start until the end, our packaging designers work closely with you to create packaging solutions with high-impact graphic design, layout, and language to encourage people to choose your product above others.

Collaborative Packaging Design Process

Intuitive Graphic Design

We have a wealth of experience in packaging design, ranging from food packaging design to beauty and health product design.

Our award-winning design team creates trendy customised product packaging that reflects your corporate identity, from print labels to unique packaging formats that are both imaginative and strategic.

Combined with our cohesive branding and logo efforts, you’ll see a commercial difference in your go-to-market strategy.

packaging design

Excellent Track Record

We’ve garnered priceless experience over two decades with hundreds of corporates and SME clients in their branding and packaging design projects.

As an experienced packaging design agency in Singapore, we provide top-quality packaging design that helps you meet your sales objectives. Our process ensures a smooth rollout to meet your business deadlines and requirements without disrupting the
supply chain.

Empire Beer Packaging

Growth Driven by Extraordinary Packaging Design that Reflects a Unified Brand Identity

Packaging Designs That Seal the Deal


As the pandemic hit us recently, businesses have to evolve fast to cater to the new way of living, consumers tend to stay home or office more than ever.

Given the years of trust, Astons Group entrusted us to assist with the creation and nationwide launch of the Andes Ready to Eat meals through 7-eleven convenience stores in Singapore.

We collaborated with the client from the creation and brand execution to packaging designs, including printing the packaging. We are one of the few rare agencies in Singapore that have our own German Heidelberg presses to ensure the precision of colours, speed of delivery and quality control.

With the already strong branding of Andes, the packaging was kept clean and stylish, with black used to make the premium “Andes Ready-to-eat” come to life on the shelves.

The design system gives power and clarity as a whole with clear instructions for heating up in-store or at home. The response was overwhelming
– the products literally flew off the shelves in days!


Behind the name is a modern tale of sustainable sourcing, responsible food choices and a lifelong commitment to environmentally-friendly practices that will continue living in stories to be told to the future generations.

We designed the brandmark with a modern and minimalistic approach in mind, aligning with Sea Story’s underlying brand philosophy.

They are a brand that places sustainability at the heart of everything they do – from the naming to the fishing to the packaging, it is always omnipresent in their equation.

Aside from environmental consciousness, many discerning individuals also seek convenience in their daily lives. And convenience is one thing, but not compromising the food quality is another.

Sea Story looks to provide the convenience of enjoying good food anytime, minus the hassle. The more you look at Sea Story, the more care and love you would see overflowing from its seams.


It was a story of an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan at an unbelievably good value.

Calecim already had a brilliant product – a stemcells-based skincare series. We just had to re-brand and re-package it to reflect its worth as a brand of trusted authority in a field of its own.

We crafted a clean, minimalistic brand identity to reflect a medical, professional, effective and efficient personality. The same uncluttered approach was rolled out for the product packaging and communication collateral.

The outcome resulted from many hours spent with the clients in understanding their aspirations and long-term requirements, and therefore they have withstood time.

We also delineated the brand into two lines: 1) Calecim, for the retail segment, and 2) Calecim Professional, for the medical clinics / professional segment.


Cwtch Natal Skincare is an all-embracing hug for parents and babies everywhere.

Conceived and born in Wales, their products combine 20 years of spa and natal experience with the world’s finest raw, organic, cold-pressed goodness to create products that are as pure as a cuddle from Mother Nature herself.

For their line of products, they wanted new fonts and colours to match their revamped logo, complementing Cwtch’s luxurious and reassuring yet cutting-edge and accessible appeal.

Ultimately, the packaging communicated a sense of all of the brand’s identifying features: genuine care, light humour (not taking itself too seriously), empathy and expertise.

Just know that whoever you are or wherever you’re from, every parent deserves a little Cwtch to support them along the way.


QB Food started its packaging journey with Concept Lab when it decided that its hero brand, TRADITION, needed a new life.

We started with the Sliced Cheese and Shredded Cheese series, the two main key Traditional product lines, with more than 20 SKUs.

The creative brief for the packaging designs was to retain the Tradition logo but revamp everything else on the packaging design pack.

The goal was to be well-poised with the packaging positioning of a standard international brand appeal, ready for them to conquer into the overseas market.

The success of the cheese packaging lines led to another range of the Tradition Brand’s packaging being revamped: the meat packaging. The Bacon and Sausage packaging upgraded to an affordable gourmet positioning presenting a no-fuss, easy-to-make brand appeal.