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Mapletree Alexandra Retail Centre Launch

Simple & Luminous Modernity

Did you know that the Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC) brand identity is designed by us, together with its launch campaign and property brochure?

A three-storey retail centre spanning 89,000 square feet, the ARC is to be a haven promising sweet reprieve, from the daily grind for workers and nearby residents alike, amidst the light-industrial area of the Alexandra district.

The ARC’s façade is definitely modern; its unmistakable façade is clean with wavy lines and strong metallic pillars, amplifying lightness with full glass panels. As such, we conceived the ARC brandmark aligned with the ARC’s architectural lines, keeping these signature components in our mind.

A palette of aquatic-theme colours. A robust and distinctively sharp typography. A singular circular visual element. Strategically laid out, these 3 identifiers are used to reflect the modern, luminosity of a centre offering a good variety of F&B, outlets, supermarket and an eclectic mix of lifestyle, convenience cum services stores.

Set amidst offices, schools, residences and the Labrador Park MRT Station, the ARC stands proud with its brand identity. As for its online presence, the-then new logo was applied onto the pages on their website (

There’s Always… MORE

From logo identity and a variety of branding appliques, we had the pleasure of creating and developing the centre’s launch campaign. Inspiration came from the ubiquity of the PMEB profiles visiting the retail centre. So off we went to brainstorm. We kept the imagery of working adults from all walks of life, each having to multi-task on a daily basis, in our creative minds. We found a solution within the very dichotomy of everyone having to do more, and having to deliver ever more.

We chose to play on the word, “more”. A set of eye-catching visuals was conceptualised where we showed working adults quite literally performing and juggling, a number of tasks, at the same time. We showed lightness in the creative execution for each of the (x number) campaign personas developed for the launch communique – because underlying the lightness of their beings was the contextual ‘strength’ that comes from the retail mix found at the ARC Centre. With the campaign tagline of “MORE”, we successful communicated the idea of one “getting more done” at the ARC.

Through our approach, we communicated the promise of ease and accessibility to ARC’s customers and other key stakeholders of the area. A mall that is designed as a retail haven, allowing each to complete several tasks while being recharged from a day of work, and we are sure the ARC will continue to remain an important place for many working and coping with the fast-paced living of the Alexandra business district.

Our Scope

Brand Architecture

Brand Identity & Signage

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Voice

Competitive Audit

Above-The-Line Advertising

In-mall Collaterals

Retail Promotions Flyer

Point of Sale (POS) Materials Design Photography



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