Certis Cisco. Recruitment Campaigns Reimagined.

This brilliant Certis recruitment campaign showcases our creativity and it is one of our favourites.

As a unique specialist ops-tech outsourcing partner with extensive experience, Certis has a constant need to recruit on-ground uniformed operations officers besides regular staffing requirements in the office, and there is no better way than getting existing employees to refer their friends to climb aboard the Certis family. With that in mind, they devised a tactical “refer a friend to join Certis” referral programme coined as the Certis Cisco Recommended Employee Scheme (CRES) that comes with attractive rewards for employees to bring their friends in. They can stand to earn up to a $600 bonus for successful referrals. Our task is to bring this same messaging across the organisation differently and uniquely from year to year.

Where’s the APO?

With a clever play on the “Where’s Wally?” puzzle game that many of us should be familiar with (the famous eponymous books adorned with busy illustrations on every page where readers are tasked to find Wally amidst a sea of objects), Concept Lab created a simple yet impactful campaign that featured many characters forming a large “$600” as the key visual, with a Certis Auxiliary Police Officer (APO) hidden amongst the crowd.

This aptly portrays what we intended their employees to do – to search within communities they are in and sieve out suitable candidates that would be a good fit for Certis. We kill two birds with one stone by exclaiming the clear-cut $600 referral bonus loud and clear all in a single visual. This is effective communication executed in the form of a competition to search for the APO.

CRES Fairy Godmother

The search continues. The latest CRES campaign boasted a whopping $15,000 referral bonus for just one lucky employee for their successful referral, whom will be picked out from a lucky draw. By referring a friend to join the Certis family, he or she could just be that fairy godmother to make your wishes come true with a wave of the wand! The campaign called for employees to refer full-time Protection Officers, Aviation Security Officers, Enforcement Officers or APOs to stand a chance to win $10,000 to turn their wishes into reality.

We conceptualised adorable visuals of the officers donned with a pair of fairy wings and wands as the campaign mascots. These were produced as life-size cut-out figurines erected in prominent areas within Certis office grounds for the entire campaign period.

While the nature of each CRES campaign and its objectives remain the same, Concept Lab successfully created them in uniquely different manifestations. It was absolutely fun and challenging to stretch out our imagination and creativity to work on them!

Seasonal Recruitment & More

Other than referral programmes, we also helped Certis with targeted recruitment campaigns, for instance during the Hari Raya festive seasons or at third-party career / recruitment fairs. Marketing collaterals were tailor-made to fit each occasion.

Upon joining Certis, employees are also welcomed with specially-produced internal communications collateral like a Vision, Mission and Values passport, as well as an orientation programme at the Certis University to kickstart their journey in the Certis Way!

No doubt do we feel privileged to help organizations like Certis that recognise that our team members are the drivers of our long-term success. Together we work with them to cultivate an environment that attracts and empowers their employees with right opportunities to innovate and succeed in both their careers as well as their personal lives.

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