The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Growing Brand Equity

A grand neoclassical landmark built in 1928, the magnificent Fullerton Building was once home to Singapore’s General Post Office, the Exchange Room, the Exchange Reference Library as well as the prestigious Singapore Club.

Today, as a five-star hotel with 400 rooms under the auspices of a multinational brand, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore in itself has a brand equity that makes it stand out from the other properties; its distinctiveness comes from its historical associations which can be said to be somewhat grandiose in nature.

Concept Lab Communications’ Creative Director, Ms Zee Lam, personally drove the creation of a distinctive brand mark that would match the uniqueness of this grand dame.

An Esteemed Brand Mark

With its rich historical value, the challenge was to ensure the new brand mark for the hotel would go on to generate a good level of equity. The proposed logo for The Fullerton Hotel Singapore harnessed three distinct qualities for that purpose – that of being memorable, recognizable and relevant.

From a branding stand point, the instantly recognizable architecture of the building was precious; the historical heritage was definitely memorable; so the design solution had to capture these elements and be rendered with contemporary relevance.

The final logo identity for The Fullerton Hotel Singapore bore the key architectural outline of the building, immediately capitalising on the memorability of the Fullerton Building using clean styling and lines for relevance with a touch of present-day luxe.

Rising Brand Equity

In December 2015, the Fullerton Building was gazetted a national monument by the National Heritage Board. Concept Lab Communications’ work helped give rise to an extensive range of branded memorabilia for The Fullerton Hotel Singapore marketed to tourists and locals, and also influenced The Fullerton Heritage Walk where historical milestones of the Fullerton Precinct are displayed.

Nothing beats winding down in your hotel suite after a full day of hustling and bustling, but what makes that even better is discovering that an exquisite turndown gift has been tenderly left on your vanity table. We were tasked to produce the complimentary cards to go along with these gifts.

Tropical fruits that can only be found within this side of the hemisphere are delicately presented to the guests along with a complimentary card describing the fruit of the day – its origins, health benefits, as well as other fun facts. Not only does this tie in with the uniquely Singaporean heritage, it also brings out a tinge of Fullerton Hotel’s rich history.

Ahoy, Sailors

Perched on the highest storey of the hotel stands The Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar, an intimate Italian restaurant named nostalgically after its history in the mid-twentieth century. The placement of the restaurant is the exact location where a beacon once guided seafarers into the safety of Singapore’s port in the olden days.

Making use of its location on the eight floor, we conceptualised a logo for them that creatively played on the number ‘8’, represented by two symmetrical Os simulating the lighthouse’s reflection on the calm Marina Bay river waterfront. We wanted a dual-representation embedded into the logo that exudes heritage preservation and timelessness in the years to come and we did just that.

Dusk till Dawn

Besides working on the hotel brandmark, we were also appointed to deliver festive collaterals from time to time as well over the years. Being located in the heart of the district was one of its best-selling points; therefore when the Formula 1 season came rapping on the door, it was clear that they would ride on this merit to market themselves to firms looking to book accommodations for their employees or partners during that time of the year. Concept Lab conceptualised a direct mailer to be sent out to these firms, with design emphasis on how the property overlooks the Marina Bay Street Circuit, a prime view for any eyes in the hotel. Warm colours reminiscent of dusk representing the time the Grand Prix takes place enrobes the grand architecture in a soft golden glow. All these elements contributed to the birth of an elegant and tasteful direct mailer to serve this very purpose.

Fully Newsworthy

As we count our blessings, we will never forget how extremely thankful we were to have had the opportunity to produce an advertorial design for Fullerton Hotel to be featured in the renowned US-based Newsweek magazine. The hotel was voted the Best Hotel in Asia in Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards and World’s Best Hotel in Condé Nast, Travel and Leisure, Forbes and Institutional Investor magazines. In commemoration of this key milestone, it was featured on the magazine cover – a portrayal of the hotel in the limelight amidst twinkling city lights.

Our Scope

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Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

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Menu Design & Production

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