Singapore Exchange

A Strategic Common Purpose

From designing anniversary logos, churning monthly fact sheets and reports, to packaging yo-yos and producing stone trophies, we have been the go-to agency for more than a decade for SGX. In short, be it regular items or tall orders, we breathe our possibility-friendly philosophy and make the impossible possible.

Over a Decade & Many More Years to Come

Our first project for SGX was its 5th anniversary logo and in a flash, time flew and it has been more than a decade. Taking the time to get to know the client, understand their needs, and working close with them to fulfill each project in high quality is indeed fulfilling. At Concept Lab, we believe that is the formula to build sustaining client relationships.

Making the Impossible Possible

By far, the most physically challenging project were the eight banners at the Marketplace. The extent we went to to get them up straight and crease-free was a job redesigned for PVC banner production. In fact, it is an exemplification of how far we would go to make things happen.

Bringing Creativity Out of the Box

The most innovative and well-received project was a video brochure manifested in a tangible video tape reminiscent of the eighties, as the exchange celebrates 30 years of Founding Futures, whereby we housed their commemorative clip in the video tape direct mailer for the media.

That is why over the years, a basis of trust has been built in this client-agency relationship. Throughout the many product launches over the years – Formula 1s, Bull Charges, special gifts and awards, we have been the design alchemist to create magic for them many a times. It is the relentless pursuit of excellence and perfection as well as a never-say-die attitude that has won the hearts of the client, over and over again.

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