Entrée Grocer & Entrée Ingredients

Entrée Grocer & Entrée Ingredients – A brand that understands.

Driven by a vision to provide the freshest high-quality food ingredients to the local community in Hong Kong, Entrée Ingredients was founded to serve that very purpose. The gourmet boutique sources and imports high quality food ingredients, particularly meat and seafood products from all corners of the globe, especially from New Zealand and Australia supplying them to award-winning crème de la crème restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

Go with the Flow

With a surge in like-minded businesses within the market like spores carried by the wind and an ever-present demand from consumers for heightened convenience, an alternative mode of sale had to be devised for the company to differentiate and elevate them from the face of the competition. That was the time Entrée Grocer – a platform designed to bring gourmet goodness right to the consumer’s doorstep in the comfort of their homes – came into fruition. What the consumer needs to do is to order the freshest catch of the day that they have been craving for, all at the touch of their fingertips. The only thing left to do now is to just wait it out.

To garner and inflate the interest in Entrée Ingredients’ products, Concept Lab developed a multi-platform digital marketing campaign with search-intent driven Google Ads based on well-researched keywords that lead to landing pages optimized to convert browsers to customers. We also designed and ran engaging video Facebook ads for Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences to raise awareness of their specialty food delivery service and expand Entrée Ingredients’ customer base. Each campaign served a different purpose across several occasions, with specific engagement and conversion outcomes to ensure a high return on investment. Our team deployed an active campaign management to ensure that the ready-to-eat and BBQ food product ads and landing pages were optimized and would deliver sales results during festive seasons for the client. Through these lead generation initiatives, Entrée Ingredients acquired a brand-new pool of consumers who can now be part of a unique group that approaches Entrée Ingredients for anything between hors d’oeuvres to gourmet platters for functions, parties and everything else in between.

Interview with Zann Quek

We sat down with Entrée Ingredients’ founder, Zann, to have her share the value she sees in selecting us as her creative agency. She firmly believes that what elevates Concept Lab from the sea of endless chatter is our creativity. What impressed her most is that we surprised everyone with a booth design solution and created an ‘oomph’ factor albeit the limited resources and budget on hand.

How do we ensure the booth does not get lost amongst a sea of other possibly ‘loud’ and overpowering booths? How do we get as many pair of eyes as we could on their booth? The idea of a greenhouse in the midst an exhibition hall was what sparked conversations amongst the exhibition-goers. What every client wants is to ensure that exhibition-goers are constantly drawn to the booth, wanting to find out more about the vendor and its products. And that is what Concept Lab did for Entrée Ingredients. This iconic house thus became the highlight of the Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong trade show.

Experimentation is in Concept Lab’s DNA. Familiarity is failure; to challenge the status quo, we first avoid the comforts of the familiar. We strive to have each and every piece of work that leave our lab induce and inspire unconventionality.

Dark Elegance

Besides larger-scale projects like the tradeshow booth, we also helped craft a series of brand collaterals for Entrée Ingredients. A marketing brochure portrayed by a dark theme with contrasting tones that ring bells of elegance and sophistication.

A matching calendar was also conceptualized that very same year – however it was not simply just your typical calendar. It served a dual purpose, acting as a beef cut chart as well! Making good use of a butcher’s lingo, this calendar-cum-chart definitely came off as a unique piece that puts a smile on one’s face each time they see it in the kitchen or on their desk in their day-to-day routines.

Our Scope

Brand Architecture

Brand Identity & Signage

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Voice

Competitive Audit

Above-The-Line Advertising

In-mall Collaterals

Retail Promotions Flyer

Point of Sale (POS) Materials Design Photography



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