Synergy in Branding & Design Communications

The Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise, established in 1897, enjoys a rich heritage with a common vision and philosophy shared by its various member companies, which operate as independent entities. When we were commissioned to develop the brand name, logo identity and website for a new financial business unit under the Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise, we were cognisant brand alignment was key.

Using the House of Brand as part of the brand development strategy, our recommendation was twinning the origins of the enterprise with their three-generational passion for the seas and oceans. The final brand identity kept the letter “J”, which is in line with the “Jessen” brand, while adopting the corporate colour for greater synergies with the main brand name. The eventual logo is paired with the stylized profiles of three vessels riding on waves.

The new logo as a whole plays up the idea of one seeking better ventures across different lands and seas. On another level, this design concept reflects a business that is global in nature, one that brings limitless new opportunities and possibilities from across many seas and shores. In short, the new JPJ Invest is shown as an investment platform for SME businesses without geographical or industry sector restrictions.

For the new JPJ Invest website, we chose to extend the brand imagery using compelling images of boats and other vessels at the top of almost every section. This design and choice of main images tie in with strategically what the new business stands for, reinforcing what it could bring forth as possibilities from across seas and oceans.


Our Scope

Brand Architecture

Brand Identity & Signage

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Brand Voice

Competitive Audit

Above-The-Line Advertising

In-mall Collaterals

Retail Promotions Flyer

Point of Sale (POS) Materials Design Photography



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