Defining Tomorrow’s Medicine

SingHealth is the first healthcare group locally to create a vibrant academic nexus for new discoveries, learning and care innovation, through Academic Medicine. As part of the new Academic Medicine partnership, there was a need to brand this synergistic partnership between a healthcare provider and university where research, scholarly work and education contribute to the advancement of patient care.

The new brand identity is conceived by incorporating the letters “A” and “M” as part of a typical heartrate reading taken from an electrocardiograph. This serves to reinforce at once the dynamic nature of Academic Medicine and how it is reflects the pulse of things to come.

A Strategic Common Purpose

The largest healthcare cluster in Singapore was also looking for a recruitment campaign for their clinical nursing and allied health staff. A campaign that would drive and motivate new as well as existing staff. Communicating a corporate-wide strategic purpose upheld by over 16,000 staff and translating that into a meaningful programme for newbies was a good creative challenge.

Standing united in a common purpose, promising to put patients at the heart of all that they do, both the nursing and allied health professionals are part of SingHealth’s multidisciplinary team taking charge of public healthcare at 4 hospitals, 5 specialty centres and a network of polyclinics.

First we distinguished the key elements of patient centricity as well as the passion that drives all staff and the way they work. Using a unilateral heart as a main creative element, we then incorporated the use of the corporate colour for emphasis, the corporate tagline was developed.

The 100% Scorecard

At the essence of patients being at the heart of all that is being done, we included the promise of working with high performance teams with the distinctions of being able and committed to delivering results with 100% Care, 100% Empowerment and 100% Innovation – these are the core components that underscore SingHealth’s three-pronged mission statement.

To drive home the messages clearly, we presented staff testimonies and positive cases a fresh spin and developed them into meaningful handbooks and flyers for both internal and external dissemination. Ambient messaging on pillar wraps were up on the Singapore General Hospital grounds. The campaign featured allied health staff as ambassadors promoting the core elements of their mission statement.

Our Scope

Brand Identity

Strategic Design & Rationale for Corporate Tagline

Recruitment Advertisements


Ambient advertising

Programme Booklets

Recruitment collaterals



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